Redbank Peninsula Bridge


The Redbank Peninsula is an employment hub, with its resident companies such as Australia Post, Coles, TNT, and DB Schenker providing over 1,900 jobs to South East Queensland. A replacement bridge to the peninsula will ensure freight access to future industrial land developments and unlock an additional 2,500 jobs within this leading Queensland employment precinct.

About the project

The Redbank Peninsula is a leading logistics and employment Hub for Queensland, and includes the Redbank Motorway Estate.

The jobs created on the Redbank Peninsula equate to 1,992 on-site jobs since 2014 and an additional 1,506 full-time equivalent construction jobs since 2012. The upgrades to the Redbank Peninsula Bridge will potentially unlock industrial land capacity to support an additional 2,500 full time jobs.

Road access to the Peninsula will soon reach capacity via the Monash St Overbridge, constraining industry development and preventing future land development and employment growth.

Replacement of the antiquated Bridge Street Overbridge with a new Redbank Peninsula Bridge is necessary to unlock additional industrial land on the Redbank Peninsula and support Queensland’s economic recovery.

* Cunningham Highway – Yamanto to Ebenezer/Amberley Business Case 2017

A second, safe and efficient access point into the Redbank Peninsula will facilitate the development of employment-generating industrial land, and enable the creation of an additional 2,500 full time jobs in South East Queensland.

The Monash Road overbridge will soon reach capacity and traffic will be forced to utilise the existing Bridge Street Overbridge which does not meet modern building standards and cannot safely and efficiently sustain increased heavy vehicle movements.

A new Redbank Peninsula Bridge to replace the existing Bridge Street Overbridge is critical to ensuring that job creation in the Redbank Peninsula continues.

The Ipswich Leaders Alliance is seeking support from the State Government to provide $20 million funding to construct this critical employment-enabling infrastructure.

Investing in Ipswich is investing in the future of South East Queensland.

Unlocking economic resilience and recovery through connectivity infrastructure

A new Redbank Peninsula Bridge will be a connectivity game changer, securing safe and efficient access to industrial land and supporting freight efficiency.

The Redbank Peninsula is an integral element of Ipswich and SEQ’s competitive and productive economy. Facilitating improved access to this Estate will unlock 2,500 new full time employment opportunities in modern industrial and logistics industries.

Residents and businesses seek desirable communities that have local and diverse employment opportunities in which to live, work, play and invest.

There is a demonstrated need and time imperative for a new Redbank Peninsula Bridge, in securing economic recovery and local employment opportunities, which are critical to positioning South East Queensland for success.

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