North Ipswich Sport and Entertainment Precinct

Ipswich Region Sporting Expansion and Detailed Business Case funding

Ipswich is Queensland’s sporting heartland and is under consideration to secure NRL and A-League teams that require a suitable venue to train and host games. The Ipswich community will welcome a national sporting team to call their own and the resilience that this will bring to the local economy through a national profile capable of securing investment attraction and boosting business confidence.

About the project

The Ipswich local government area is the fastest growing region in Queensland, and the home of many avid sports followers. Our projected growth rate to 2036 is 4.6%, growing our population to an expected total of 580,000 residents in 2041. The Ipswich community has some of the highest engagement rates per capita in organised sport in Queensland, with over 60 sport and recreational facilities catering to over 150 clubs and organisations.

A revitalisation of North Ipswich Reserve into a sporting and entertainment precinct anchored around a boutique sport-code-compliant, rectangular stadium is integral to meeting community demand for national sporting team expansion with the NRL Western Corridor bid and A-League Greater Ipswich Expansion bid and will bring large-scale social infrastructure in Ipswich in line with comparator regions to enable local engagement with major sport and recreation opportunities.

The Ipswich Jets Rugby League and Western Pride Football Clubs are anchors to the Ipswich region expansion bids seeking entry into national competitions.

The Ipswich region is massively under provisioned in social infrastructure capable of attracting or hosting national sporting and entertainment events. This represents an economic leakage for the local economy and prevents the local accessibility of major recreational events. This penalty to Ipswich residents is set to worsen as community demand increases with population growth.

A revitalisation of North Ipswich Reserve into a sporting and entertainment precinct including a boutique rectangular stadium is a necessary pre-requisite to entry into national sporting competitions and will revitalise Ipswich Central, provide the growing economy resilience through investment attraction and a national profile, and leverage the community’s engagement in sport to assist in community inclusion and cohesion for Queensland’s fastest growing community.

The Detailed Business Case will cost $2.5 million to deliver, and the Ipswich Leaders Alliance is seeking support to progress investigations into this critical infrastructure.

Funding for the Detailed Business Case will ensure the proper planning for this vital social infrastructure can proceed.

Investing in Ipswich is investing in the future of South East Queensland.

A coming of age for Queensland’s sporting heartland

The expansion of NRL and A-League national sporting codes into the Ipswich region and the North Ipswich Sport and Entertainment Precinct will connect Ipswich residents to opportunities across employment, health and sporting pathways.

This project is integral to stimulating a competitive and productive local economy providing a national platform to assist in investment attraction and provide economic resilience through the generation of new, and retention of leaking, entertainment expenditure.

Sport and community engagement influence social wellbeing and community cohesion and will greatly enhance the resilience of a city that experienced its share of devastation and disaster. World-class sporting infrastructure would be a significant drawcard for new residents and investment attraction in our high-growth city. Investment will further solidify Ipswich’s reputation as a desirable community for residents and investors.

Sporting expansion and the North Ipswich Sport and Entertainment Precinct leverages existing strengths of Ipswich as a sporting community and will position the region and South East Queensland for success.

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