Ipswich Central Second River Crossing

(Norman Street Bridge)

Detailed Business Case Funding

Investing in a plan to future-proof the connectivity of inner-city Ipswich through a second river crossing. The Second River Crossing will divert non-essential through traffic from Ipswich Central and will provide an alternative to the David Trumpy Bridge, which is at-capacity and has expired its design life.

About the project

The Ipswich local government area is the fastest growing region in Queensland. Our 2019 population growth rate was 4.1%, well above the state and national average (1.7% and 1.5% respectively) and our projected growth rate to 2036 is 4.6% to an expected total of 580,000 residents in 2041.

David Trumpy Bridge, the only river crossing in the city, reached the end of its 50-year design life in 2015.

Currently, 40,000 vehicles per day use the David Trumpy Bridge which will increase to 53,000 by 2036. One third of these vehicles are through-traffic, causing delays and safety issues. These impacts will worsen with additional demand as the city grows.

A second river crossing will transform how people move around Ipswich and provide network capacity needed to support population growth. This will provide an alternative cross-river route capable of diverting 13,300 non-essential vehicles from Ipswich Central.

The David Trumpy Bridge is over-capacity and beyond the end of its design life. The second river crossing is catalytic infrastructure that will relieve congestion, promote economic revitalisation, and improve the resilience and lifespan of the
state road network.

The Detailed Business Case will cost $2.5 million to deliver, and the Ipswich Leaders Alliance is seeking support from the state government to progress investigations into this critical infrastructure.

Funding for the Detailed Business Case will ensure the proper planning for this vital transport infrastructure can proceed.

Investing in Ipswich is investing in the future of South East Queensland.

Unlocking the productivity of Ipswich
Central through connectivity

The Norman St Bridge will be a connectivity game changer for Ipswich, facilitating multi-modal transport delivery and opening the cross-river bottleneck.

There is a demonstrated and time imperative need for a second river crossing in Ipswich, with the sole river crossing at-capacity, and beyond the end of its design life.

Connectivity is a catalyst to a competitive and productive local economy and the Norman St Bridge will promote economic rejuvenation and transformation of the Ipswich CBD by improving amenity.

The Norman St Bridge will provide the accessibility to services, employment and recreation that residents and businesses seek from a desirable community in which to live, work, play and invest.

A well-connected Ipswich will position South East Queensland for success as the destination for Queensland’s young families, businesses and investors.

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