Cunningham Highway Upgrade

Yamanto to Ebenezer/Amberley

Finalise Detailed Business Case and re-commit funding for upgrades

Investment in the overdue upgrade of the Yamanto to Ebenezer/Amberley section of the highway will ease 
congestion, improve road safety and achieve productivity gains through freight efficiencies. This section is currently a “pinch-point” in the Cunningham Highway for interstate freight. The upgrade will provide critical connectivity between the future Ebenezer Intermodal Terminal, proposed Inland Rail, RAAF Base Amberley and 6,000ha of industrial land in South East Queensland.

About the project

Ipswich is located in a national freight corridor, positioned between a major primary production area and international sea and airports. This makes our city a centre for transport, logistics and defence, with the RAAF Base Amberley recognising our city’s strategic position in the defence industry in Queensland. Ipswich provides 17.5% of Queensland’s defence jobs, and 22.2% of the state’s exports in this sector each year ($707m in export value).

The Cunningham Highway is part of the National Land Transport Network. It is a key interstate inland freight corridor between Sydney and Brisbane, supporting 2,700 heavy vehicle movements per day.

The Yamanto to Ebenezer Creek section of the Highway is a significant pinch-point according to Infrastructure Australia. This section will require upgrades to improve road safety and efficiency.*

* Cunningham Highway – Yamanto to Ebenezer/Amberley Business Case 2017

The Yamanto to Ebenezer Creek section of the Cunningham Highway is a major national freight route that also services RAAF Base Amberley, 6,000ha of future industrial land and the potential Ebenezer Intermodal Terminal. This 4.75km section of highway is currently in a poor condition and in need of critical upgrades. Furthermore, the Amberley Interchange is currently operating over-capacity.

This section of highway is prone to congestion and accidents which causes $45m in lost productivity to the local economy per annum.

Upgrades to this section of highway will ensure that adequate access to the RAAF Base Amberley is maintained, future industrial land can be unlocked and Ebenezer Intermodal delivered as Ipswich’s population and demand for road capacity grows.

Investing in Ipswich is investing in the future ofSouth East Queensland. 

Connecting South East Queensland
to the nation

As a key national freight route, an upgrade to the Cunningham Highway will be a supply chain game changer for Ipswich and South East Queensland as it will drastically increase the efficiency of freight and improve access to RAAF Base Amberley.

The Yamanto to Ebenezer Creek section of Cunningham Highway upgrade is integral to a growing and competitive economy as it eases congestion and unlocks $45 million in productivity per year. Increased capacity of the road freight network in close proximity to an industrial development will unlock an array of economic development opportunities in South East Queensland.

This project needs action by the state to ensure that Ipswich and South East Queensland is ready to deliver economic recovery through industry and supply chain development.

This project will position Ipswich and South East Queensland for success, strengthening the Western Trade and Enterprise Spine and promoting efficient access to supply chains for investors.

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