Creating new jobs through industry growth and skills development

Invest in strong performing growth centres through targeted industry and workforce development

Investment in growth industries and skills training that will deliver economic growth in Queensland and employment for current and future residents in Queensland’s fastest growing city.

About the project

The Ipswich local government area is the fastest-growing region in Queensland. Our 2019 population growth rate was 4.1%, well above the state and national average (1.7% and 1.5% respectively). Today, more than 222,300 people call Ipswich home however, by 2041, the population of Ipswich will grow by 336,000 (150%) to over 558,000.

Ipswich’s economy is driven by manufacturing, defence support1, health care, retail trade, education and training, public administration and safety, construction and logistics industries. These sectors provide 75% of jobs in Ipswich today.


1 Please note that Defence is not represented in associated graphs as it draws on and contributes to many economic sectors including logistics, public administration and safety, and manufacturing

Boost Defence, Health, Advanced Manufacturing and Education sectors
Over the next 20 years, the Queensland Government projects that employment in the Health sector in Ipswich will grow by 235%; while Manufacturing and Education sectors are projected to grow by 196% and 158% respectively to 2041. Around half our jobs will be in these three sectors in 2041 and the number of jobs will be double what they are today.

Ipswich is also perfectly positioned to be the Defence Capital of Queensland and the sector already generates over $1.41 billion in annual export value for the local economy. Around 10% of people employed in Ipswich work in defence and the associated industry supply chain which has significant capacity for growth.

An opportunity exists to lever the Queensland Government’s $5m investment in the Defence Industry Hub in Ipswich, for the benefit of growing the industry in Ipswich and South East Queensland.

Creating new jobs through industry growth and skills development

In a post-COVID-19 economy, the state government’s leadership in retaining and attracting businesses within these growth industries is crucial. Investing in stimulus and regional promotion will secure our City’s future economic prosperity.

Strategic industry development activities will ensure that community and business perceptions of Ipswich align with our real and significant opportunities emerging from population growth and industry expansion.

With State Government funding and support; Council and industry will position Ipswich as a modern, complex economy with world class industries, supply-chain services, skills and opportunities.

Investment in high demand skills of the future

With the current and forecast population and employment growth rates in Ipswich, up-skilling and modernising the city’s workforce will be essential.

The qualifications of our region’s current employees are focussed primarily on engineering and management/commerce, with health, society and culture and education making up the top five.

There is a significant looming skills shortage in our region, particularly in the health and education sectors. The lack of growth in qualifications in engineering between 2011 and 2016 in Ipswich will also impact our future capabilities in advance manufacturing.

State Government funding and support is required to develop a regional skills solution to address this looming skills shortage.

A new approach to industry workforce development is required and must be developed through collaborative partnerships between high-growth industries and local education and training providers.

2 Please note that between 2011 and 2016, Construction and Manufacturing associated qualifications achieved by Ipswich residents were effectively stable at -0.06%

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