An Open Letter to 2020 Queensland State Election Candidates

15 October 2020

Open Letter to 2020 Queensland State Election Candidates,

The Ipswich Leaders Alliance recognises the significant crossroads currently faced by our region. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on our local economy, bringing unemployment in Ipswich to 8.4% in May 2020, the third highest of 19 other Queensland SA4 regions. This however has not changed the competitive advantages that attract businesses, investors and new residents to our wonderful city. In 2018/19 our total exports were $4.94 billion, and by 2041 another 336,000 Queenslanders will call our city home, increasing our current population from 222,000 to 558,000. The pandemic has further highlighted the importance of planning and investing effectively for this population growth now to secure a resilient and sustainable future for our communities.

As you know, the Ipswich Leaders Alliance shares your passion to support the people of Ipswich through strategic government investment in infrastructure and policy. In advance of the election, we have shared and published the priority policy and projects for which we are seeking your support; to secure commitments from your relative parties on behalf of the communities you seek to represent.

Thank you to those candidates who have taken the time to meet with members of the Alliance to discuss our priorities.

To provide for the future of Ipswich, the Ipswich Leaders Alliance is advocating for the following priority infrastructure projects and policy reforms (available in detail on our website):

Infrastructure projects

  1. Shovel-ready projects (including Redbank Peninsula Bridge) – commitment options ranging from $1.5m to $122m;
  2. Ipswich to Springfield Central Public Transport Corridor – $2.5m funding commitment to progress the Options Analysis;
  3. Cunningham Highway upgrades (Yamanto to Ebenezer Creek) – publish the Detailed Business case including design and re-commit $42.5m state funding;
  4. Ipswich Central Second River Crossing – $2.5m funding commitment to deliver the final stage Detailed Business Case;
  5. North Ipswich Sport and Entertainment Precinct – $2.5m funding commitment to complete the Detailed Business Case.

Policy reforms

  1. Waste and Planning Act reform
    Collaborate to establish a joint Ipswich City Council / Queensland Government Waste Management Taskforce to deliver a comprehensive review of waste policy, regulation and funding models that addresses current industry issues and market failures; and develop opportunities that enable waste sector transformation, economic outcomes and quality jobs for Ipswich residents.
  1. Circular Economy Industry Development
    Establish a market development agency and invest in a feasibility study for a Circular Economy Centre of Excellence in Ipswich to minimise landfill and provide employment opportunities in emerging STEM industries and advanced manufacturing.
  1. Social Services planning for health and education
    Develop a comprehensive plan for the future delivery of social services and infrastructure in Ipswich, including the delivery of up to 51 new public schools by 2041 and funding commitment to advance the upgrade of the Ipswich Hospital and establish a new public hospital in Springfield.
  1. Creating new jobs through industry growth and skills development
    Deliver an economic stimulus program for targeted industry growth and attraction; including a range of incentives and investment in future skills development program that aligns with Ipswich’s high growth industries of Defence, Health, Advanced Manufacturing and Education.

We have also promised the community we would track and publish election commitments via a scorecard prior to the election, which we will openly share at A series of scorecards will be released to coincide with pre-polling, with a summary of commitments made by each party as they relate to the above identified priorities. 

We invite you to share your commitment to the city of Ipswich with us so we may accurately publish your policy position and investment commitments. For your convenience, we have provided a template should you wish to formally respond.

If you wish to discuss these priorities further, the invitation remains open to meet with myself and other Alliance members. To do so, please call 07 3810 6011 or [email protected] to arrange a meeting.

On behalf of the Ipswich Leaders Alliance, we wish each candidate the best of luck with your campaign and we look forward to a productive working relationship with successful elected members. Together, we aspire to achieve great outcomes for our city over the coming term of the next State Government.

Yours sincerely,
Mayor Teresa Harding

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